Volkswagen Driver Assistance Systems

March 14th, 2017 by

Volkswagen Driver Assistance Systems

Volkswagen offers advanced systems to help keep you safer on the roads around Bensenville and Elmhurst. Whether it’s systems that can help remind you that there’s a car in your blind spot, or systems that can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid a collision, the Volkswagen lineup offers some of the most advanced features on the road today. You can find out more at Larry Roesch Volkswagen right now.

Volkswagen Driver Assistance

Here are some of the highlights that are available in new Volkswagen models here at Larry Roesch Volkswagen:

  • Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring: With a radar sensor that detects potential hazards, and even pedestrians, this system is able to warn the driver of an impending collision. If the driver fails to respond adequately, the car can actually brake and completely avoid a collision or at least mitigate potential damage and injuries.
  • Parking Steering Assistant/Park Assist: The available Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist) can help judge if a parking spot is big enough for your Volkswagen. When you’re driving at less than 12 mph, this feature automatically activates. When you find that perfect spot, the system can actually help you steer into the space—you operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter and it does the rest.
  • Rear Traffic Alert: With sensors on both sides of your rear bumper, Rear Traffic Alert can help alert you to vehicles crossing in your path when in reverse. If the system detects a vehicle crossing your perpendicular path, it gives you both a visual and audible warning, and can even brake for you if needed.
  • Lane Departure Warning: With a forward-facing camera in the rear-view mirror, this system scans the road markings, and can detect if you’re drifting into another lane unintentionally. It will warn you and then counter steer to help you stay in the right place.

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