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February 24th, 2017 by

 Volkswagen Tires

Your car is a complicated piece of machinery, and every component is specifically designed to work in harmony with the whole to deliver performance, efficiency, reliability and safety. That’s why we recommend you listen to the experts—the engineers that designed your vehicle—when it’s time to replace worn out components. If you need new tires, you should always pick the right tires for your Volkswagen. Here at Larry Roesch Volkswagen in Bensenville, we have the VW tires in stock that your car needs. These Volkswagen approved tires will make sure that your vehicle performs like new.

Volkswagen Tires Designed for Your Car

Why would you pick a tire that’s not meant for your car? That’s a good question, and one that we haven’t found a good answer for yet. We think that tires that Volkswagen approves are the best way to go. When you pick a tire that’s authorized for use on your make and model, you get a bunch of benefits:

  • Warranty: You get the warranty that comes with your new tires, and you preserve any existing warranty on your vehicle. We also offer a 24-month road hazard coverage plan with 100 percent coverage for the first year and 50 percent coverage for the second year.
  • Performance: Your vehicle is engineered to work with a specific size and kind of tire. Picking the right tire will preserve the performance of your vehicle.
  • Efficiency: Tires are an important part of the equation when it comes to fuel economy. Your vehicle is carefully tuned to deliver the best efficiency possible, so why screw it up?

Do you need more reasons to turn to Larry Roesch for your tires? How about the fact that our Volkswagen certified technicians provide the expert installation that your vehicle requires. We will make sure to balance and inflate your tires appropriately after installation, so that you can get mile after mile of reliable driving out of them. Plus, we offer a 24-month road hazard protection coverage, and a tire price match guarantee, so there’s no reason not to visit Larry Roesch Volkswagen!

Visit Larry Roesch Volkswagen

Larry Roesch Volkswagen is the source for your tires in the Elmhurst and Bensenville area. Visit our dealership at 313 W. Grand Ave. in Bensenville, IL to get the tires you need for your VW or schedule a service appointment online now!