Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car

February 2nd, 2017 by

Replacement Battery

You want to replace your battery before you need to replace your battery. Everybody has experienced the inconvenient crisis that is a dead battery, but if you keep a close eye, you can usually head this problem off at the pass. Here at Larry Roesch VW, we’re happy to help check your battery to see if it’s ready to give up the ghost. Whatever your situation is, we can also help you find the battery replacement that’s best for your Volkswagen or other car here in Bensenville.

Pick a Battery for Your Car

You should always choose the best battery for your car. Why? Because a battery can make or break the reliability of your vehicle. That’s also why you should pick the right battery for your vehicle. Here are some guidelines to pick the right battery:

  • The owner’s manual knows best. Want to get the right battery for your car? Read the owner’s manual and purchase the OEM part recommended by your automaker from your local dealership. We have VW batteries in stock here at Larry Roesch VW, and they are guaranteed to fit your vehicle and maintain your vehicle’s performance and warranty.
  • Check the expiration date. You check the expiration date when you buy milk at the grocery store — why not check the expiration date on a big purchase like a battery? You can do that easily by checking the code on the battery casing. Make sure it’s not more than 6 months old, because batteries lose their charge over time.
  • Cold cranking amps: If you’re driving in Chicagoland or somewhere else that the temperature plunges below zero, you might want to get a battery with more cold cranking amps in order to make sure it will start in the depths of winter.
  • Battery Recycling: How you dispose of your battery is important, and that’s why we recommend you have your battery replacement conducted at an authorized VW service center like Larry Roesch VW.

Visit Larry Roesch

Need a new battery? Visit Larry Roesch Volkswagen at 313 W. Grand Ave. in Bensenville, IL. We’re your local Elmhurst and Schaumburg area VW Dealership, and we’re always happy to help you take care of maintenance and repairs. Schedule a service appointment online now and let us help with your battery replacement.