2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 4MOTION Active Control

February 21st, 2017 by

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan can be equipped with 4MOTION Active Control. That sounds neat, but what does it mean? If you’ve been asking yourself that question, read on — we’re happy to explain what 4MOTION Active Control is and how it works. We think you’ll appreciate the added all-condition and all-terrain capability this sophisticated system offers the Tiguan. If you’re shopping for an SUV here in the Schaumburg or Bensenville area, it’s worth checking out.

The 4MOTION System Combines Power and Fuel Economy

The all-wheel drive system in the Volkswagen Tiguan is not a full-time system. It activates power to the rear wheels when necessary in order to provide traction, but on smooth, clean roads where traction is not an issue, only two wheels activate in order to save fuel.

But what happens when you do need added traction? The 4MOTION Active Control system is happy to help. While the system will happily distribute power to either the front or rear axle in a fraction of a second when wheel slip is detected, you also have some options for added control. 4MOTION Active Control is able to tweak how your vehicle handles traction and stability in order to accommodate specific terrains.

4MOTION Active Control Settings

There’s a dial set next to the gear shift lever on the Tiguan with 4MOTION Active Control that lets you pick which preset to use. There’s settings for snow, pavement, and two different levels of off-road traction control. Here’s what they do:

  • On Road: This setting is ideal for most driving, and it will optimize fuel economy and on-road performance.
  • Snow: This setting is meant for slippery, snowy, icy roads. It dulls the throttle response so that it’s hard to break traction with excessive acceleration, and it takes other measures to help you stay under control.
  • Off-Road: To ensure smooth handling and confident traction, this setting adjusts the throttle, transmission, and suspension settings.
  • Off-Road Individual: This system lets you manually tweak settings for added off-road capability. It provides an unparalleled level of customization for advanced off-road drivers.

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